Sodium Sulphite

Sodium Sulphite manufactured by Rajkamal Enterprises is a white solid chemical processed under advanced techniques. For ensuring excellent quality and outstanding chemical properties, we test Sodium Sulphite at in-house testing laboratory under the guidance of experts. We make available Sodium Sulphite in HDPE bags for safe transportation.

Attributes :

  • White solid substance
  • Excellent soluble compound
  • Purifies aldehydes and ketones
  • Salted taste
  • Sulphrous odor
  • Easily soluble in water

Uses :

  • Used as Oxygen Scavanger
  • Removes free oxygen from water and other chemicals
  • Used in oil exploration
  • Used for manufacturing Photographic Chemicals
  • Used in pulp and paper industry

Packaging : PP / HDPE bags / fibers drums or as per client requirement

Characteristics Specifications
Physical Appearance White Crystaline Powder
Assay as Na2SO3 96% + -1 min.
Ph of 10% Solution 9.5 to 11.00
Chloride Content 100 PPM max
Clarity of 20% Solution -
Iron content 50 PPM max
Sodium Sulphate Sulphate 4.0% max
Heavy Metals(As pb) 15 PPM max
Thiosulphate (as S2O3) 200 PPM max
Free Alkali 0.15% max