Monosodium Phosphate

Monosodium Phosphate is a food grade chemical manufactured using latest processing techniques and fine grade material. Tested under the guidance of experts, the Monosodium Phosphate available with us is known for its white odorless appearance. It is also called hygroscopic powder because of its hydrate and anhydrous properties.

Attributes :

  • Available in colorless crystals or white powder
  • Insoluble in alcohol
  • Non inflammable
  • Odorless
  • Widely used as laxative

Used In :

  • Animal feed
  • Toothpaste
  • Evaporated milk

Packaging : PP / HDPE bags / fibers drums or as per client requirement

Monosodium phosphate (Food grade) :

Formula NaH2PO4 Synonyms Sodium phosphate, monobasic Sodium dihydrogen phosphate, Sodium acid phosphate, Sodium biphosphate, Sodium orthophosphate, primary Grade Food : Anhydrous and hydrate Properties CAS Number : 7558 - 80 - 7
Mol.Weight : 120
Appearance : White odourless, hygroscopic powder Applications Animal feed, toothpaste, evaporated milk Packaging 25 kg polypropylene bag with PE liner
25 kg paper bag with PE liner
As per customer's request

Specifications :

pH(1% solution) 4.4-5.0
B.D. (pouring) 0.60 gm/cc
Moisture (at 110 °C) 1.50%
Water insolubles 0.10%
P2O5 58.50%
Purity after drying 99.0%
Iron as Fe ppm 30.0
Arsenic as As ppm 3.0
Heavy Metal as Pb ppm 10.0
Cadmium as Cd ppm 1.0
Fluoride as F ppm 10.0
Lead as Pb ppm 3.0
Mercury as Hg ppm 1.0